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Build and Engage your Audience with Circle

Make your very own social media app in two weeks. Allow users to share their content, personalize their profiles and connect with their friends. This is the solution to building a bigger and closer community.

What's your business?

Choose your business type to get the most out of Circle.

HR DepartmentBuild employee relationships with Circle! Customize the app and safely socialize.
Niche CreatorsCreate troll-free with Circle! Customize the app and keep specific trolls away.
MarketerPromote to an audience with Circle! Customize the app and enjoy your own reach.
SalespersonNurture relationships with Circle! Customize the app and take control of the community.

Save time, money and effort.

Project Circle

  • Scalable
  • Bugs quickly resolved
  • Launch in few weeks
  • Affordable
  • Low Effort

Build Your Own

  • May not be scalable
  • Bugs may remain
  • Launch after months
  • Expensive
  • High Effort
Allow Users to Share

Popular features

  • Post valuable content for other users.
  • Strike a conversation in comments sections of posts.
  • Explore your interests through the tags.
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Personalize Your Profile

Popular features

  • Show your face to the world with your profile photo.
  • Show everyone what you got through your profile timeline.
  • Shift gears into additional linked accounts.
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Connect With Friends

Popular features

  • Add and enjoy interests with friends.
  • Get engaged with notifications of likes, posts, and comments.
  • Chat with your friends anytime, anywhere.
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Make It Your Very Own in a Snap

Customize Your Layout.

  • Put your own Logo
  • Change to your own color
wc customize layout
  • Use your own typography
  • Add your own Images

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