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Run living spaces more effectively with Cube

Make your very own property management app in two weeks! Book site visits, chat with your tenants and automate administration work. Cube is your partner in managing better living spaces.

What's your business?

Choose your business type to get the most out of Cube.

Real Estate AgentList properties online with Cube! Customize the app and boost your numbers.
Real Estate AgencyEmpower your team with Cube! Customize the app and supercharge your agents.
Property ManagerManage your properties with Cube! Customize the app and effortlessly manage tenants.
Leasing ConsultantLease online with Cube! Customize the app and keep properties filled.

Save time, money and effort.

Project Cube

  • Scalable
  • Bugs quickly resolved
  • Launch in few weeks
  • Affordable
  • Low Effort

Build Your Own

  • May not be scalable
  • Bugs may remain
  • Launch after months
  • Expensive
  • High Effort
Get Booked Seamlessly

Popular features

  • Host properties at your own schedule and your own price.
  • Qualify and get the right guests.
  • Allow booking at the tip of tenants' fingertips.
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Allow Easy Communication

Popular features

  • Announce updates to all your tenants in no time.
  • Know tenant complaints and concerns instantly.
  • Talk to clients any time, anywhere.
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Automate Admin Work

Popular features

  • Reliably track tenants' parcels.
  • Make tenant payment pain-free.
  • Know tenant activities at a glance.
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Make It Your Very Own in a Snap

Customize Your Layout.

  • Put your own Logo
  • Change to your own color
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  • Use your own typography
  • Add your own Images

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