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Secure your citizens with Grid

Make your very own citizen app in two weeks! Whether it’s just an announcement or emergency, disseminating information has never been this easy. Discover all the best places in your city. Grid is your perfect city partner app.

What's your business?

Choose your business type to get the most out of Grid.

GovernmentConnect with citizens using Grid! Customize the app and have convenient communication.
Travel AgencyStay intouch with tourists using Grid! Customize the app and let your tourists roam.
TransportationsConnect with drivers using Grid! Customize the app and be alerted of accidents.
HospitalConnect with patients using Grid! Customize the app and be alerted of medical emergencies.

Save time, money and effort.

Project Grid

  • Scalable
  • Bugs quickly resolved
  • Launch in few weeks
  • Affordable
  • Low Effort

Build Your Own

  • May not be scalable
  • Bugs may remain
  • Launch after months
  • Expensive
  • High Effort
Announce Effortlessly

Popular features

  • Show a dashboard of announcements at a glance.
  • Keep people posted with notifications.
  • Know and escape the traffic.
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Report Emergencies Quickly

Popular features

  • Send reports seamlessly to the needed people.
  • Stay updated with the report status.
  • Keep posted on emergencies with notifications.
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Discover Places That Matter

Popular features

  • Find where to go and what to do.
  • Explore what the locals have to offer.
  • Mark and revisit your favorite places.
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Make It Your Very Own in a Snap

Customize Your Layout.

  • Put your own Logo
  • Change to your own color
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  • Use your own typography
  • Add your own Images

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