Deliver to your customers more efficiently with Radius

Make your very own delivery app in two weeks! Give your customers a platform to order from your business and have it delivered to their doorstep. Radius is the best way to bridge your products and customers better.

What's your business?

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ECommerceSetup online shop with Radius! Customize the app and take more orders for less work.
FoodCater to cravings with Radius! Customize the app and cook for more food lovers.
GrocerySell grocery items with Radius! Customize the app and make shopping fast and easy.
TransportationMake delivery easy with Radius! Customize the app and give rides any time, anywhere.

Save time, money and effort.

Project Radius

  • Scalable
  • Bugs quickly resolved
  • Launch in few weeks
  • Affordable
  • Low Effort

Build Your Own

  • May not be scalable
  • Bugs may remain
  • Launch after months
  • Expensive
  • High Effort
Give Customers Easy Access

Popular features

  • Make and edit orders whenever and wherever you are.
  • Save time and money by making orders for multiple merchants.
  • View order status at a glance.
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Have Complete Control

Popular features

  • Manage driven merchants who want to please customers.
  • Manage merchant's product lists that have customers love.
  • Manage orders to be more flexible in catering to customers.
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Empower Your Riders

Popular features

  • Effortlessly login and report for duty.
  • Take orders anytime, anywhere.
  • Mark orders as complete with a single tap.
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Make It Your Very Own in a Snap

Customize Your Layout.

  • Put your own Logo
  • Change to your own color
wc customize layout
  • Use your own typography
  • Add your own Images

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