MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

More often than not, even when the puzzle is still unfinished, you already have a rough idea of the final picture. An MVP or Minimum Viable Product is similar to that. An MVP is a version of your product that shows your customers the value you bring them with the least amount of resources and effort. Sounds great, right? But you might wonder how one starts building an MVP. It is critical that we list down the most critical features and only work on those that will convince our customers to try our product or service.

The MVP is only a piece of an even larger picture called Build-Measure-Learn framework that teaches us to get feedback early that leads to launching a business model that actually works. If you think you have a big idea to launch, and you are worried about the resources needed, make sure you start with only the most critical to your customers – not to you.

Thinking of building your MVP, send us a message and we can brainstorm on it together!