UX and UI Cooking 101

User Experience Design (UX) is like preparing food according to your customer’s “taste”. What do they feel like eating? What spice level do they want it in? Are they following a certain diet? There will even be times that they won’t even be able to describe what they want. They’ll just know it when they taste it. Sounds familiar?

Likewise, when making your product, you really need to get to know your customers to make your product palatable to them. Put yourself in their shoes. Discover which ingredients work best with their taste and needs. Through the process of getting to know them, you might even find out that what they need is actually different from what their current taste is. As a UX designer, your job involves balancing out their needs with their wants.

Now that you’ve got the taste and nutrition right, it’s now time to make it look great and aesthetically pleasing. It looks as good (or even better) as it tastes! That’s where the User Interface (UI) Design comes in. Can you make your product appealing enough so that your customers can’t wait to dig into your product?

“But wait, is making it look good is part of the cooking and food preparation process too?”

Yes, you’re right! And that’s why UX and UI need to work seamlessly together. This is the White Cloak way. You need to consider both practices to cook up a great product that keeps your customers coming back for more!