White Cloak is Proud to Support UnionBank in its Digital Transformation

On 16 November 2022, Business World issued an article highlighting UnionBank’s evolving ecosystem, which the latter showcased at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2022. White Cloak has always been a proud partner in supporting UnionBank and its digital banking subsidiary, UnionDigital.

In the same article, White Cloak was mentioned as the bank’s partner for their flagship apps. Our Chief Executive Officer, Donn Carlo Gamboa, expressed appreciation for UnionBank’s continued partnership.

“We’re drawn to their disposition about innovation and their compassion to technology. It’s been such a proud moment to see UnionDigital being so successful, and we want to be part of that journey all throughout,” Donn Gamboa said, adding that White Cloak will continue to support and provide innovative software solutions to help businesses evolve in the fast-paced digital world.