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Have you ever wondered about the complaint processes of certain government agencies?


Introducing GAB, or “Gabay Sa Tamang Reklamo”, the Philippines’ first interactive platform for inquiries and complaints about everything consumer-related, brought to you by Albay ConsumerNet and DTI Albay. Access over a dozen government agencies with just one AI chatbot with GAB, powered by Pixie!

Scope of Work: Transforming Consumer Grievances into Action


GAB is the AI chatbot of the ConsumerNet program! Gab aims to provide the mechanism for the speedy resolution of consumer complaints and facilitate the flow of consumer information. Through GAB, consumers can effortlessly navigate inquiries and complaints related to various government agencies, ensuring a seamless and efficient resolution process.


Challenges Faced: Enhancing Efficiency in Consumer Complaint Handling

The major pain point faced by government agencies that GAB aims to solve is the proper routing of consumer complaints. Often, complaints are sent to incorrect agencies, leading to delays and inefficiencies across all of the member agencies. GAB ensures that consumer complaints are accurately routed to the appropriate agency with jurisdiction for proper resolution.


Key Features: Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence

The heart of GAB lies in its simplicity. With just a simple file upload containing existing policies, DTI Albay and the rest of the Albay ConsumerNet program can leverage on AI to comprehend the nature of consumer queries and intelligently respond to them – without lifting a single finger!

Results and Achievements: Empowering Consumers, Strengthening Market Integrity

Albay ConsumerNet members who participated in GAB include the National Government Agencies (NGAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), and Consumer Groups like DTI, BSP, NTC, SEC, DOH, PNP, DA, BFAR, PDIC, IC, DOE, SRA, PCA, DA, FDA, and DENR.

This collaborative effort underscores the commitment to enhance consumer protection by fostering a responsive and transparent system. GAB has garnered significant attention, with features in Radio Pilipinas and news reaching the Presidential Communications Office.

Try GAB Today!

Head on to Albay ConsumerNet and try GAB today! Experience the convenience of navigating consumer inquiries and complaints with just a few clicks. GAB, powered by Pixie, is revolutionizing consumer protection and empowering consumers in Albay.