Splurge Art: Making AI Art Accessible to Everyone

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Splurge Art: Making AI Art Accessible to Everyone




Splurge Art, developed by White Cloak Technologies, is a pioneering social network for the AI art community, conceived and executed by Filipino talents.




The app aims to revolutionize the art scene by blending cutting-edge technology with artistic expression, offering users an immersive platform to discover, trade, and celebrate AI-generated art. With a mix of artists with different interests and art styles from around the world, artworks in Splurge Art are diverse and inclusive which makes it a great platform for everyone. 




Users, known as swans, create AI-generated content called swanlings within Splurge Art. These creations, in the form of images or videos, form the vibrant tapestry of the platform.




Discover and Trade: Users can explore a diverse array of AI-generated art pieces, trade them, and build their collections.

Bounties: Sponsored events, where users can participate to earn Splurge Coins (SPC) based on their entries’ rankings in leaderboards.

Profit Sharing: Investors in swans receive a share of profits whenever a swanling they own gets traded, providing an incentive for strategic investment.




Splurge Art fosters a dynamic ecosystem where creativity thrives, artists are recognized, and users engage in a gamified experience that transcends traditional art platforms.

With its innovative approach to AI-generated art and commitment to fostering a vibrant community, Splurge Art represents a paradigm shift in the intersection of technology and creativity, spearheaded by Filipino ingenuity.

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