Zing at Ayala Malls

Unlocking the Future of Customer Loyalty: The Success Story of Ayala Malls’ Zing App.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses must constantly innovate to stay ahead of the curve and maintain strong connections with their customers. Ayala Malls, one of the largest shopping mall chains in the Philippines, found themselves facing this very challenge as they struggled to create a loyalty program that would engage their customers and foster brand loyalty. That’s when they turned to White Cloak Technologies, a leading software development firm renowned for creating custom web and mobile apps that deliver powerful results for enterprise clients. Together, they developed Zing, a cutting-edge app that has since revolutionized customer loyalty at Ayala Malls.


Creating the Zing App: A Tailor-Made Solution

Understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach would not suffice, White Cloak Technologies closely collaborated with Ayala Malls to craft a bespoke solution tailored to their unique needs. The result was the Zing app, an innovative and user-friendly loyalty program that effortlessly integrates with web and mobile platforms. The app’s groundbreaking feature allows customers to earn loyalty points without the need for a physical card or app verification during transactions. By simply registering their credit cards on the Zing app, customers can automatically accumulate points for any credit card transactions made within Ayala Malls.

Enhancing Customer Engagement through an Array of Features

The Zing app doesn’t stop at offering a hassle-free loyalty program. White Cloak Technologies and Ayala Malls worked together to pack the app with a range of services designed to boost customer engagement and convenience, such as:

  • An extensive mall directory featuring over 5,000 stores across Ayala Malls nationwide
  • Indoor mall maps to effortlessly navigate through amenities, shops, and restaurants
  • Exclusive membership in the rewards program, with the ability to earn Zing points and redeem vouchers
  • Real-time updates on promotions and events exclusive to Ayala Malls
  • A user-friendly online marketplace for purchasing e-gifts
  • Convenient access to P2P bus routes to and from Ayala Malls
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access within Ayala Malls, ensuring constant connectivity

Success and Beyond: A Continous Improvement Journey

After its successful launch, the Zing app quickly gained traction among Ayala Malls’ customers, who flocked to download it and enhance their shopping experiences. Ayala Malls and White Cloak Technologies remain committed to their agile approach, continuously improving and introducing new features and experiences through the Zing app. Their partnership continues to thrive, as they work together to find innovative ways to delight customers and solidify Ayala Malls’ position as a leader in retail experiences.


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