UnionBank Online

The Pioneering Journey of UnionBank’s Globally Recognized Digital Banking App

When White Cloak won the U:HAC competition hosted by UnionBank in 2016, the UnionBank executives entrusted their UnionBank Online Banking project to White Cloak, who replaced an internationally renowned vendor that specialized in banking apps. The client experienced frustration because, even after nine months, the previous vendor still wasn’t able to deliver a product that’s aligned with their vision.

Facing the challenge of re-doing the entire app, White Cloak Technologies accepted the task. Despite the complexity of UnionBank’s vision, White Cloak completed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the UnionBank Online App in an industry-defying four months, showcasing agility and technical prowess.

This transition marked a turning point, highlighting White Cloak’s ability to meet challenging timelines while delivering exceptional results. The successful completion of the MVP positioned UnionBank on a trajectory of digital innovation and success.

Service Tech Stack Methodology Number of Downloads (as of 4 December 2023) Average App Rating (as of 4 December 2023)
App development
Native iOS, Native Android, ReactJS, Java Spring
Agile Scrum
Over 10M downloads
4.2 Stars after 112k ratings

Scope of Work

  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing feature improvements

Challenges Faced

Problems Solutions
Incremental migration of existing users
Implemented a two-month coexistence period on Playstore/App Store, prompting users to download the new app during login on the old app and initiating the migration process.
Updating user details/profiles across multiple channels
Established three channels (app, customer hotline, branches), interconnected to a middleware layer directly linked to Finacle, the UB core banking system, allowing customers to update their details seamlessly.
Transition of customers from previous application
Executed a carefully planned transition strategy to ensure a smooth shift for customers, building on the incremental migration approach.
Challenges in translating mobile app branding elements seamlessly in the UX/UI design
Applied meticulous attention to ensure a smooth and coherent translation of mobile app branding elements, maintaining a consistent user experience and interface design.
Delays in API availability from third-party vendors
Implemented an extensive API planning process, documenting requirements, request bodies, parameters, and responses. Shared this document with vendors to enable parallel development, ensuring a seamless connection upon API readiness.

Key Features

  • MVP Features
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 
    • Registration
      • Via Card Number
      • Via Account Number
      • Via Loans Account Number
    • Fund Transfer
      • To Own Account
      • To Another UBP Account
      • Via Instapay
      • Via PESONet
    • Bills Payment 
    • Buy Load 
    • Update Profile
    • Dashboard
  • Post MVP Features
    • Credit Card
      • Activate Card
      • Convert to Installment
      • Balance Transfer
      • Card Controls
      • Loyalty Points
    • Branch Visit
    • Check Deposit 
    • QR Code (Scan/Pay) 
    • Goals
    • Forex 
    • PFM (Personal Finance Management)
    • UITF  
    • Remittance
    • Insurance Marketplace

User Feedback

Nottyace - 25/09/2022

Best Bank in PH

  • My experience with Unionbank has been very accommodating for they have online banking. When I need to transfer funds and pay bills it can be done at my convenience. It has been a positive experience with personable banking service in a timely manner. My time has been limited so banking must be fast and effective. I have been a long-term customer of Unionbank. My plan would be to stay as a customer and grow financially. A big Thank You from your customer that appreciates the hard work in maintaining excellent customer service and good bank products. When asked by others where is the best bank in the country, I always recommend Unionbank.

Kyle Batobato - December 7, 2023

Google Playstore

  • Online banking in this app is phenomenal. UI is clean and the transaction fees are cheaper than other banks... Customer service is high quality as well..... I would've given this app a 5 star because , Im unable to link my second account to online banking to be associated with one log in credentials using the app but for some reasons I was able to do it using web banking... That being said, it is by far one of the best online banking apps ive ever used...

Anonymous User

Best digital bank. Has everything you ever need and their customer service, in my experience, is superb. Had problems three or four times in the past and they get resolved in one day or less. The physical bank though is a pain. Konti branches, dami tao


Best in digital banking, helpful CS, and so far parang 1 time pa lang yung downtime na naencounter ko sa digital bank nila. Long lines in branches (pag closing time na) although not as long as BDO and BPI. Both of those banks take hours, the worst I've had in UB was 40mins (well closing time kasi yun hahah). Just be mindful that their bank hours are shorter than others (9am-3pm) and you're fine.


I have several accounts from various banks and I will say that Unionbank is the absolute best bank for me. Do note though that I (1) do all my transactions online, so the fact that they don't have as many branches as BDO/BPI doesn't bother me, (2) pay for everything using debit card or online transfer, so I don't mind that they don't have as many ATMs


Very convenient and isang beses pa lang ako nagka-issue with the app. Also, I can cash in using Cliqq kiosk sa 7-11, tried it twice.

Results and Achievements

In a remarkable timeline of achievements, the UnionBank Online App witnessed a swift evolution from its MVP release within the initial three months to an internal release after six months. Surpassing expectations, the app achieved a public release milestone within the first year of development. The crowning moment came with the app being honored as the prestigious “#1 Digital Banking App of the Year” in 2018, a testament to its rapid success, user acceptance, and industry recognition. They then went on to become the only digital banking app to win the award 4 years in a row until 2021.