UnionDigital Bank(UBEH Bank)

Client: UnionDigital Bank

UnionDigital is one of the Philippines’ first fully digital banks and is a subsidiary of UnionBank.

Problem Objective Solution
UnionDigital realized that most if not all banks cater to the mid- to upper- income-earning individuals or users based in Metro Manila, which leaves a gap for lower- to lower-mid income-earning individuals and users from other provinces.
To develop a banking app that embraces individuals in all social classes.
Create an accessible banking app that can be easily used and understood not just by high-income earners, but also by lower-income earning individuals.
Service Tech Stack Methodology Number of Downloads (as of 4 December 2023)
App development
Agile Scrum

Scope of Work

  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Key Features

  • Personalized recommendations and curated content tailored to each user’s preferences
  • Simplified digital transactions and secure payment processes
  • Real-time updates and proactive notifications for staying informed on important matters
  • Intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface for effortless app exploration
  • Frictionless integration with UnionDigital’s ecosystem for a cohesive digital experience
  • Customizable settings and preferences for personalized control
  • Enhanced security measures to protect user data and privacy
  • Vast collection of informative content on financial literacy and financial management
  • Cash in and out options through remittance centers
  • Provincial service provider payment options

Results and Achievements

The UnionDigital mobile app is now one of the most profitable digital banks in the Philippines in less than 1 year of operations, and has been awarded the best digital-only bank in the country by The Asian Banker in 2023. With over 100,000 users nationwide, UnionDigital strives to continuously improve their app and provide services that not only reaches more Filipinos but empowers them through accessible banking experience tailored just for them.

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