UnionDigital Bank Website

Client: UnionDigital Bank

UnionDigital is a subsidiary of UnionBank and is one of the Philippines’ first fully digital bank.

Problem Objective Solution
UnionDigital’s initial problem was fixing their website so that it could be launched in two weeks, in time for the BSP review for new fintech companies. This problem then evolved to having technology that would meet their security and reliability requirements, as their old website was based on a platform that did not meet their standards.
Initial objective: To have a website that can be launched in two weeks

Second objective: To re-develop and improve their website
Initial solution: Create a lean frontend solution to allow them to launch their website in time for the BSP review

Permanent solution: Create a full website with a comprehensive CMS, more dynamic features, and updated design
Service Tech Stack Methodology Number of Site Visits (in the last 90 days as of 22 November 2023)
Frontend development; web app development
Next.js / Nest.js
Agile Scrum
106,000 users

Scope of Work


The initial static website, created within a two-week timeframe, stood as an interim informational marketing website. Being a static website, users could access fundamental information about UnionDigital through the "About Us" page, which detailed information about UnionDigital and its services. Additionally, users had the option to explore the "Frequently Asked Questions" page for swift answers regarding UnionDigital's services and accounts, along with finding contact information for further inquiries.
Phase 2

The full website, unveiled in June 2022, was launched in time for the regulatory requirements mandated by the BSP. Boasting a more modern and interactive design and interface, the full website built upon the foundation of the initial version, with the added capability of customizing, creating, and updating website pages and posts. The enhanced "Home" page prominently showcases featured posts, articles, and links, offering users valuable insights and guidance, including information on how to open an account through their mobile app.

A dedicated "Products" page was created to streamline information about all available services, allowing users to easily delve into specific details without unnecessary scrolling. Additionally, a new "Promos" page was introduced to highlight exclusive offers and deals that UnionDigital bank users can access by simply opening and utilizing their accounts.

In pursuit of their mission to empower Filipinos through financial literacy, UnionDigital has introduced a new "Learn" page on the website, a section dedicated to sharing educational and informational posts about financial literacy in both English and Tagalog. Expanding from the static website, the "About Us" page offers a comprehensive overview of UnionDigital, encompassing their vision, mission, values, and digital banking goals.

A dedicated "Careers" page has been included to provide users and website visitors with insights into the work culture at UnionDigital. The page features a link to current job postings, allowing individuals to explore career opportunities within the organization. Embracing transparency, UnionDigital introduced a "News" page, enabling users and visitors to stay informed about the latest updates and achievements accomplished by the bank. The former "Frequently Asked Questions" section has been revamped into a comprehensive "Help Center" page, offering an expanded range of answers to address various questions.
Throughout the planning and development phases, White Cloak Technologies provided expert Quality Engineers to test the entire website to ensure every aspect of the website functioned smoothly and to resolve any issue or bug. With the help of UnionDigital’s beta testers, the team ensured that the website functioned seamlessly and to its best capabilities.
After ensuring every feature was up to expectation, White Cloak Technologies deployed the website to its launch in June 2022 and closely monitored the website to ensure that any bugs that were missed during the UAT were caught and resolved immediately.
Evergreen Development
Constant maintenance and enhancement of the website must be done to ensure that all features, code, and functions stay updated, while new features for the website are also constantly being done to keep it engaging and relevant. White Cloak Technologies maintains, monitors, and enhances the website to ensure it lives up to UnionDigital’s reputation and requirements.

Challenges Faced

UnionDigital’s initial website, while functional, lacked the technology, security, and reliability they required for their operations. While they needed to update their website, they faced the dilemma of how to do this without fully taking it down. Being a fully-digital bank, even a brief outage would leave them in a challenging position.

White Cloak Technologies devised a solution by dissecting the existing website to its individual page and core functions, generating a blueprint, and then meticulously reconstructing it as a new static website while plans for the completely overhauled website were underway. Within two weeks from UnionDigital’s request, the static website was launched and served as the primary marketing platform, which was presented to the BSP for their review, until the brand-new website was unveiled later.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and intuitive browsing
  • Comprehensive information about UnionDigital’s offerings, solutions, and services made available for users’ access anytime
  • Personalized recommendations and tailored content based on user preferences
  • Step-by-step guide and FA on how to access and use UnionDigital services
  • Interactive tools and resources for enhanced engagement and exploration
  • Seamless integration with UnionDigital’s ecosystem for a cohesive digital experience
  • Effortless communication channels to connect with UnionDigital’s support team
  • Real-time updates and notifications to stay informed about the latest news and developments
  • In-app savings calculator to calculate the amount of interest they earn from their accounts 
  • Educational posts and materials that simplify the understanding and application of financial literacy


The UnionDigital website allows users to easily access new articles and posts that would help them in their banking journey. Additionally, users can discover ways to maximize their accounts by exploring available and exclusive promotions. Moreover, the website prioritizes inclusivity and accessibility for the Filipino audience by offering posts and articles in both Tagalog and English. While UnionDigital banking services are available through mobile only, the website remains an important hub for latest news, updates, and information for their bank users. 

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